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If you are searching for app developers in Miami then look no further. Here at Top Miami Web Design we develop mobile apps that meet your needs. From complex apps to simple ones, we have the tools and experience to build you an app which you won’t regret. Furthermore, you will always need somebody to maintain your app so we make sure to build an app that future developers can jump into easily without having to rebuild the whole project. However, if you wish for someone to maintain your project, then we will also maintain your app.

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Accurate Mock-Ups

When we create mock-ups for our clients, we make sure that we come as close as possible to the final product. This way, we will always have a clear road map.
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App Design

We design each app uniquely to your taste. Not only is each app designed to your taste, but we also keep in mind design options that work for you audience.
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Development Process

Our development process is clear and straight to the goal: having a end product that full satisfies our clients. With this goal in mind, it's hard to get sidetracked.
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Delivery Times

Our delivery times are punctual and they are something that we pride ourselves in. Here at Top Miami Web Design, our clients have a company they can count on.
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Up To Date Practices

Top Miami Web Design uses the latest standards in the field. This is important so that your website can be easily maintained and cared for which reduces costs.
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Complex Applications

The apps we make range from simple to complex. Location sharing, file sharing, real-time notifications, are all part of what we do here at Top Miami Web Design.

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We dedicate our full time to this industry…okay maybe a little more!

Cross Platform Builds

Top Miami Web Design will build your app for iOS and Android. These are today’s biggest and most prominent mobile app markets. Instead of building one app and charging your again for the other platform, we will build you two apps that are coded efficiently so that your future programmers can understand what they are jumping into. To do this we use NativeScript which allows “deployment of native mobile apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase”.

App Usage Analytics

It’s important to understand how your users are utilizing your mobile app. In order for you to get a better understanding Top Miami Web Design provides your company with data indicating how users are interacting with your app. With these reports you can see what is working in your app so that you keep your conversions at a maximum while diminishing maintenance costs.

Up-To-Date Standards

Developing apps using the latest industry standards an recommendation will reduce the cost of maintaining your app. Here at Top Miami Web Design we always design and develop mobile apps with this philosophy in mind. Our goal is to help your company spend less on developing your app while making sure that you get the latest acceptable standards in the industry.

Prompt & Accurate

Top Miami Web Design delivers results promptly and accurately. This philosophy is one that we pride ourselves on. In order to keep happy clients we have the need to deploy mobile apps in Miami that are accurate to their blueprints and true to their product owner’s needs. Another thing which we find of top necessity is delivering our apps in time, just as we said we were going to do. The reason for this is that we honor our word, and cannot afford to fail its meaning. At Top Miami Web Design, you will find a staff which is honest about time of completions, roadblocks, and budgets.

App Maintenance

It’s vital that after your app is fully developed you hire someone that can take care of it as needed. Along your journey you will find times when it is essential to update your app and provide new features. Hiring us again for your app’s maintenance is ideal because we will know the way around your app easily since we developed it. This is essential to reduce your maintenance costs and will surely help you save time and money.

This is Our Passion

This is a theme we repeat here at Top Miami Web Design. Our job is something that we love to do, it is our passion. The reason why we develop apps is far beyond the money. We grew up doing this and coding runs in our blood. From a very early age we fell in love with computers and programming and therefore there was never anything else that we wanted to be other than software engineers. Over the years we have grown and improved ourselves in order to make a living out of this industry but the reason why we stick in this field is that technology has a way to bring people together that no other industry has.


Gets the Job Done

During this process, Top Miami Web Design will meet with it client online to discuss how the relationship will move forward in the venture. From the first moment we come in contact with out client, we make sure that they understand how important their business is to us.

1. Meet/Talk with Client

After we have discussed the way in which we carry business and our clients are on board with the process, we move towards the project proposal. In this stage, we come to an agreement on what the final product will look, feel, and function like. Thereafter, we set an estimated delivery time for the product which we always strive to meet.

2. Agree on Project Proposal & Delivery

Throughout our process, Top Miami Web Design reaches out to the client to ensure their satisfaction. We provide project updates and developments so that our client is assured that their project is being completed in the way that they envisioned it.

3. Ensure Client is 100% Satisfied

At the end of our process we will deliver a project that our client is completely satisfied with. This is where we decide whether the client would like us to keep maintaining their page or if they would like us to completely hand them over control.

4. Project Completion and Delivery

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