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iOS, Android, Windows

Top Miami Web Design will build your app for iOS, Android, and Windows. These are today’s biggest and most prominent mobile app markets. We build apps that are coded efficiently and documented accurately, allowing for future programmers to understand what they are working on. To do this we use standards like NativeScript and Cordova.

App Analytics

It’s important to understand what your users are doing in your mobile app. In order for you to get a better understanding Top Miami Web Design provides your company with data indicating how users are interacting with your app. This allows to perform A/B testing, target key demographics, and keeping conversions at a maximum while diminishing campaign costs.


Developing apps using the latest industry standards will reduce the cost of maintaining your app. Here at Top Miami Web Design we always design and develop mobile apps with this the latest standards in mind. Our goal is to help your company spend less for the best quality while developing your app.

Prompt & Accurate

Top Miami Web Design delivers results promptly and accurately. Accurate to their blueprints and true to their product owner’s needs, our mobile apps are of the highest standard. At Top Miami Web Design, you will find a staff which is honest about timelines, roadblocks, and budgets.

App Maintenance

It’s vital that after your app is fully developed you hire someone that can take care of it as needed. Along your venture you will find times when it is essential to update your app and provide new features. Hiring us again for your app’s maintenance is an ideal option.

This is Our Passion

Our job is something that we love to do, it is our passion. We grew up doing this and coding is still something we do everyday. Our group consists of people who love computers and programming. There was never anything else that we wanted to be other than software engineers. Over the years we have grown and improved in order to become a top service provider like we are today.


Gets the Job Done

At our meeting we will discuss your product or service, goals, and how we will be working together as a Product Owner and a Product Manager in order to achieve our end product.

1. Meet with Client

In this stage, we come to an agreement on what the project will look, feel, and function like towards the arrival of the estimated delivery date.

2. Agree on Project Proposal & Delivery

Throughout our process, Top Miami Web Design reports to the client to ensure their satisfaction along the project. For our final project review, we will check off that all the features we agreed upon in the beginning are completed.

3. Final Project Review

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