What we did for Bill...

This is Bill’s website and app portfolio page. Bill had a Joomla site which had crashed because of outdated content. Bill called me and asked for help, we were able to recover his content, images, and had an updated WordPress website running in less than a week. From there on Bill has become one of our dearest clients.

Here, take a look at his YouTube channel and get a quick look at the best (and maybe the funniest) bail bonds agent in Miami:

If you ever need someone to bail your loved one out of jail; call Bill from

Image of website.Bill Bail Bonds SEO agency.

This project consists of a basic WordPress website plus an Android and iOS app. The apps are an extension to the website and give the user a quick reach to the agency without them having to browse the internet.

The app: Bill’s mobile app is available on iOS and Android.



We developed this app in order for Bill’s clients to be able to find him through the app stores. We used the Cordova framework to develop this site. For any questions about our mobile app development process please see this page.

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