is a website for the law firm of Sam Shihab & Associates. With locations in Ohio, Michigan, and Texas, Sam Shihab & Associates brings the forward the best immigration services in the country. For this project, Top Miami Web Design has created and maintained an SEO campaign which has landed thousands of clicks and impressions.

A result driven SEO Campaign

This client includes a lot of SEO work which has been put together by a whole team of people working towards one goal: Organic Search Traffic. With the help of blogs, well-structured html, optimized images, and high quality content, ranges from 150 – 400 daily clicks.

Let’s take a minute to analyze this. In the immigration law firm keyword, the cost per click is $4.42. That means that we are literally saving Sam Shihab & Associates anywhere from $663 – $1,763 per day.

Taking this into consideration, take a look at our SEO services page:

You will find that our SEO campaigns are result driven, and we are always striving to take our client SEO campaigns to the next level by trying out new tactics.

Our web design has not been our top priority for this site. We are soon planning to do a rebuild for Sam but it will take sometime to adjust the content we have which is great and fit it into a new design. Additionally, here are some images from the site to take a look a look around. Keep reading below to see more about the mobile app we are building for Sam.

Another Cordova APP! ^-_-^

So do you remember the first time you were writing software and you realized.. “oh sh**! I’m writing my own framework.” Well if you don’t you probably know a similar feeling of excitement. Previously like were saying that the Cordova framework stands in one of my top favorite frameworks because of undisclosed reasons, I can say that writing a framework that relies so heavily on Cordova feels good only because of one reason: It’s a great community. Besides the fact that the framework has pretty steep learning curve, I can tell you that once you learn it you will be unstoppable.

You can learn more about how I built the SpotBie App here on this blog tutorial I’m working on:

So what does this have to do with Sam’s Immigration App? Well, I found that oh shit! I can re-use this Laravel, Cordova, & Angular Framework over and over again, and customize it to each of my client’s needs.

Creating your own framework sounds fun. But what I would really enjoy now is going on to my next project. I will keep updating this page later!