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SoCal & SoFlow Outdoor Lighting

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SoCal & SoFlo Outdoor Lighting are sister websites designed to serve different audiences by location. The websites were designed and developed in a total of 2 months. Although the designs are identical, we had to design two different logos and adjust each other with different contact info and logos. Also some pictures had to be changed to match the location for each audience.

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SoCal/SoFlo Outdoor Lighting’s online presence had to match the company’s high luxurious products and services. To do this, we went with colors that represent luxury and high standards. With some custom code and mobile responsiveness, we aimed to please our client in every aspect of their website.

Websites by Franco Petitfour and Adnres Garcia

Additionally, we are providing SoCal/SoFlo with web hosting that competes with the biggest web hosting services offered today. The way our hosting works is like this: As a client, you will pick the best hosting packet from another web hosting provider and we will match/beat the price plus the specs!